Our Approach

Mission-Critical Services + E-Commerce Domain Expertise » Fueled by Growth Capital

We accelerate brand growth by combining mission-critical services and domain expertise with growth capital – It is this unique combination that sets us apart in the e-commerce marketplace. The Pitted platform accelerates the following core competencies for high-potential brands:

Growth Capital

Flexible capital utilizing both revenue-based funding and minority equity.

Performance Marketing

Digital marketing strategies to reach new customers and drive conversion.

Brand Development & Integrity

Proven channel “know how” and commitment to your brand’s integrity.

Creative Services

Full service creative to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Analytics & Reporting

Expertise and intelligence to turn your data into cohesive e-commerce strategies.

Logistics & Fulfillment

Fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics all under one roof.

Strategy Development

Data-informed roadmaps to help fuel your strategy and execution.

Corporate Infrastructure Support

Through our closely aligned financial accounting services partner.

The Difference

In the sub-$10M revenue segment, we can accelerate revenue and mitigate risks with mission-critical services, e-commerce domain expertise, and corporate infrastructure support.

Pitted Ventures Early-Stage Venture Capital
Our corporate services approach is designed to be highly engaged with portfolio companies leading to continuity in this market and value creation for our companies and LPs. vs Do not always have the ability to provide the support needed for emerging brands so they are 100% dependent on 3rd party service providers through ad hoc relationships.
The Pitted platform brings extensive Amazon channel expertise, logistics resources, and its own technology solutions. We are already invested. vs Spend much of their time networking to identify deal opportunities, leaving little time for due diligence and ongoing investment support.
The possession of early-stage, qualified leads organically generated through Pitted core businesses gives us an upper hand and creates efficiency for the Pitted Ventures team. vs If a successful investment track record is obtained, they typically size up their fund sizes for larger management fees; Therefore, there is a regular churn of investors operating in the emerging consumer products VC space, leaving a gap for consistency and core competencies.

We invest in and accelerate emerging consumer brands

Pitted Ventures is the investment affiliate of Pitted Labs and Pitted Logistics, all working together as a market-leading platform of complementary companies that are committed to accelerating the growth of consumer brands and their founders.

We invest in and accelerate emerging consumer brands by executing proven strategies that has generated exceptional growth for Pitted clients active in the Amazon channel and emerging e-commerce marketplaces. The Pitted Platform accelerates core competencies for emerging brands.

We make hybrid revenue-based and minority equity investments in high-potential consumer brands that are poised for exponential growth with a jolt from our proven growth framework and operational excellence.

We are not simply chasing the “brand category of the day”.

These can become crowded.


  • Consumables with recurring ordering
  • Clean Beauty & Wellness
  • Better-For-You Food & Beverage
  • Categories with high concentration of older, legacy brands that are ripe for disruption, innovation

Core Attributes

  • Strong, digitally-native (DTC) or traditional retail brands that need performance lift in their e-commerce strategy
  • Clear “line of sight” to attractive advertising cost model (CAC)
  • Strong brand identification and evidence of customer loyalty
    • Lifetime value of customer-LTV (longer history is key)
    • brand v non-brand searches
    • ad-driven sales v organic sales; new to brand
    • Ability to achieve 4:1 LTV/CAC ratio or higher
  • Clear path to achieve 75%+ top-line YoY revenue growth rates in e-commerce channels and 25%+ unit-level margins
  • Easy to package/store/ship
  • No frozen foods, firearms, tobacco, or other regulated products