We Are Unconventional

We do not believe that simply selling financial capital to emerging brands and their founders is enough in the rapidly evolving e-commerce space.

More Than Capital

Specialty lenders, venture debt firms, and the plethora of early-stage VC firms and seed investors really only offer financial capital. We believe this is not enough for emerging brands to grow into brand companies and for founders to focus on long-term brand development and customers.

Proven Performance

Our value-add is more tangible than what traditional, early-stage VC firms or seed investors offer. We have proven what can be done based upon the performance of Pitted Labs clients.

Tailored Partnership

E-commerce brand aggregators have exploded just over the past couple of years creating an outright sale path for many emerging brands to consider. We recognize this may not be the desired path for many young brands.

Creating Optionality

We want to provide growth capital where an outright sale is not yet the desired outcome OR you are not ready for a dilutive equity capital round.

Investment Criteria

We make revenue-based and minority equity investments in high-potential consumer brands in a “sweet spot” of $3M-$10M in annual revenues and at least 18 months of verifiable financial history.

Applied Expertise

We are a non-invasive, minority equity partner that supports founders that are operationally ready for rapid revenue growth (75%+ YoY) through the implementation of our e-commerce expertise and infrastructure support.

Flexible Participation

Our participation can come in the form of cash and the implementation of our growth framework OR solely implementation of our growth framework if cash is not a need.

Tangible & Transparent

Our value-add is much more tangible and transparent than what traditional VC groups pitch.

We drive durable equity value creation by doing what we do best – Executing a growth framework proven over time with Pitted clients. This is wrapped with mission-critical logistics, proprietary technology, and operational “know-how” that ties it all together.

Target Customer Segment

Founders are tapping out their own resources – time, energy, and expertise which drives the need for outside expertise and infrastructure.

Our Sweet Spot

  • $3M – $10M in total annual revenues
  • Strong, digitally-native (DTC) or traditional retail brands that need performance lift in their e-commerce strategy
  • Commercializing/monetizing consumer product(s) and expanding brand awareness – beyond proof of concept
  • Developing financial history (minimum of 18 months), sustained revenue plus growth, diverse and expanding customer base, established vendors and manufacturing partners
  • Likely managed by founder(s), lean staffing model, and utilizing outsourced service providers
  • Transitioning between seed money and series A or series A to B round
  • Should have “line of sight” to operating break-even – measurable with timing clarity
  • Cash needs are changing from funding start-up costs and operating losses to value growth drivers such as marketing spend, proper inventory management, new sales channel expansion, and opportunistic supply chain improvements